Les Miserables:

“I’ve seen this show three times, including Broadway and the West End, and I’ve never seen a better Eponine”- Jack R (talking about Donna Marie Knight)

“Having seen it six times, including on Broadway and in London, your production was as good (even better) as all of them! It was incredible how you transformed the stage and did such creative things with the space you had. Bravo!- to all who had a hand in this magical production.” -Jo & David Reingold

“Everything about this incredible Victor Hugo classic was stellar…the talented cast, the music, the scenery all melded into one totally perfect production.” -Terry Ryan


“Donna Knight is delightful as Penny with a great scene with all the mother and daughters…Knight also has some great scenes with Eugene Smith as Seaweed, and their interpretation of a 60’s interracial love is sensitive as they shock authority figures.” -Elizabeth Hurd, NewsOK


A Debt that Led to Home:

“I saw “The Debt that Led to Home” at The Core Theatre in Richardson last Friday. This! This is a reminder of why we go to live theatre. Breathtaking.

“The Debt …” is a stellar example of thought-provoking production that is and always has been live theatre’s strength. Everything was in right balance —
setting was minimal, pacing was perfect, scripting was inspired and tightly woven.

When a production is this well-done, the audience’s only contribution
was only to lose ourselves in the story of these characters — homeless, lost, soulful, confused, damaged – as they reconcile with their destructive pasts and uncertain futures. We quickly came to love and to identify with them as parts of ourselves. Isn’t that what live theatre was meant to do?

I swear there were times when we – a group of 50 among the 75-seat theatre – were holding our breath to catch every nuance. My adult friends, go see this show.

I am so glad I went.”

-Maria Bitter Leahey



“Donna Knight as Peron’s mistress gets to sing the famous ‘Another Suitcase Another Hall’ and delivered it quite nicely”

-Mark-Brian Sonna, Dallas Morning News (MBS Productions)